Blow Molding Materials & Compounds

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Selecting the right plastic for your application is crucial. Below are the most common resins that we use. We are happy to help you decide which material and grade will be necessary for your application. Some of our materials meet medical and food grade standards.

If this is a requirement for you, we can work with you to achieve your compliance level. Ask us about additional options if you don’t see what you need.

HDPE is the perfect solution for applications requiring a tough plastic that has good chemical resistance. Its appearance is milky
PET is a strong and rigid clear resin that is great for applications requiring good chemical resistance and clarity. PET products can have a very attractive surface finish.
Hytrel is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer that is both flexible and strong at low temperatures that is mostly used for bellows and shaft covers.
ABS is extremely tough, has high impact resistance, and is abrasion resistant. It is applicable to a wide variety of parts and has a glossy surface finish.
Polypropylene has high chemical resistance and is suitable for hot fill applications. Polypropylene parts are well suited for a wide variety of tasks.
LDPE is a soft material that is applicable to a large array of industries. While flexible, the strength of LDPE is high and is well suited for squeeze containers and bellows.
Nylon is a strong, rigid plastic with excellent heat resistance and barrier properties.
Polyurethane is mostly used for its resiliency and ability to be substituted for rubber.
Santoprene combines its flexibility and feel similar to rubber with the manufacturability of thermoplastics.
Polystyrene is rigid economical, easy to process, and common plastic that is versatile and used in many applications.

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