Custom Blow Molded Bellows

blow molded bellows

North American Plastics, Ltd. is capable of providing custom molded bellows in virtually any configuration needed.

We have many years of experience producing a wide range of bellows for our customers. With access to several materials that are excellent for bellows applications, we will be able to accommodate your specific needs. Our process can produce bellows with different diameters on each end and can accommodate a wide range of convolute geometry.

If your project has specific design constraints such as compressibility, flexibility, stiffness, or travel, we will be able to design a process that leaves you with the highest quality bellow.

blow molded bellows
blow molded bellows
blow molded bellows


The compressibility of bellows is largely a function of wall thickness, diameter, and geometry. We are able to customize bellows compressibility to meet very specific needs and applications.


This is important for customers who need their bellows to conform and perform despite rough conditions.


Stiffness dictates how difficult it is to change the shape of the bellows. A stiff bellows is harder to compress but generates a range of spring rates.


Travel refers to how much distance there is between the fully compressed and uncompressed state during use.

We Work With You From Design to Production

We work directly with you to make sure that we meet all your needs in a timely manner and give you the highest level of customer service possible. No matter how complex or specialized your application is, our team at North American Plastics Ltd. can deliver the blow molded parts you need.

It is our mission to continuously look to improve our processes to deliver you excellent product. We are committed to providing the best quality blow molded products and ensuring complete satisfaction to our customers. Our experienced staff is here to help you with your specific project. From product design to build, we will work together at each step of production.

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