Custom Blow Molding

Custom Blow Molded Parts

Our Capabilities

  • Transparent, Translucent, & Clear Parts
  • A Variety of Plastics & Colors
  • Varying Sizes
  • Regular & Irregular Shapes
  • Varying Thicknesses, Diameters, Lengths, and Weights

Some Applications

  • Appliances
  • Components for Aerosol Cans
  • Cab Components for Trucks
  • Drive Shaft Parts
  • Parts for Use in Electronics
  • Food Service
  • Consumer Packaging & Products
  • CVJ Boots
  • Industrial Components
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Recreation Equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • Thin Wall Medical Components
  • And More...

Producing blow molded plastic parts is one of our specialties.

Complex Pastic Part
Blow Moldng Parts

With our extensive capabilities, we can easily blow mold both regular and irregular shaped parts with little or no flash to achieve exact customer requirements and specifications for wall thickness, part size, color, diameter, and more.

These parts have included internal components for aerosol cans, cab components for trucks, drive shaft parts, parts for use in electronics, and much more. We have serviced industries including automotive, manufacturing, medical, and more with custom blow molded parts.

Our capabilities to produce cost effective, high quality custom blow molded parts continues to expand.

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