Custom Blow Molding

Blow Molded Bottles

Our Capabilities

  • Transparent, Translucent, & Clear Containers
  • A Variety of Plastics & Colors
  • Varying Sizes and Shapes
  • Varying Thicknesses, Diameters, Lengths, and Weights

Common Applications

  • Food Handling & Service
  • Sports & Recreation Products
  • Containers for Use in Machinery or Appliances
  • Consumer Products
  • Fluid & Powder Handling & Packaging
  • Bottles for Medical Products
  • Industrial Plastic Bottle Molding
  • Printing Ink Bottles
  • Toner Containers
  • And More...

We are capable of producing custom bottle molds for any business and industry, specific to your uses.

Tank Reservoirs

North American Plastics provides solutions for our customers for blow molded bottles that specifically suit their product. By using our expertise and state of the art blow molding equipment, we can produce custom blow molded bottles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Combining design and material selection assistance, we deliver products that look and function exactly as it should.

Over the years, we've served a number of businesses and industries ranging from product containers for industrial clients and manufacturers to ink and toner bottles for printer manufacturers.

Contact Us to discuss your project’s specific needs.